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Discover novel protein partners for your favorite protein, DNA, short RNA or small bioactive molecule thanks to Hybrigenics proprietary ULTImate process.

ULTImate Y2H™ is the most comprehensive yeast two-hybrid technology available to date, combining highly complex domain libraries, exhaustive screening, in-depth bioinformatics analysis and exclusive technical advice and project follow-up. Thanks to specific protocols, we can screen any protein including transcription factors, membrane-bound proteins and proteins requiring a co-factor or a post-translational modification.

ULTImate Y1H, ULTImate RNA Y3H and ULTImate YChemH are variations of our core technology to screen DNA, short RNA and small molecules, offering the same key benefits.

PIMRider® is our dedicated software for the exploration of protein interactions, and their comparison with functional annotations, genetics data and expression profiles.

More than 2,000 customers worldwide have trusted us for their protein interaction project.

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