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ULTImate YChemH: a powerful tool for target deconvolution

Our target deconvolution service helps you learn more about your small molecule 

The identification of protein partners of small molecules is key in drug discovery.

Drug discovery and developement process diagram

Drug target identification mostly relies on phenotypic screening followed by in vitro Chemical Proteomics methods:

  • Ligand binding
  • Affinity chromatography
  • Activity based protein profiling associated with mass spectrometry

However, these target deconvolution strategies remain time-consuming and tedious with technical limitations such as sensitivity and stability.

The Chemical Yeast Three-Hybrid (CY3H) approach is an unbiased, highly sensitive and direct in vivo target deconvolution method.

Yeast Chemical Hybrid principle

Thanks to our 20 years experience in the Yeast 2-Hybrid technology, we were able to bring this technique to its fullest potential with ULTImate YChemH. 

Our comprehensive target deconvolution solution includes the design of your project, the chemical derivatization of your molecule, the screening with one of our highly complex cDNA libraries and the delivery of fully analysed results by a dedicated scientist.


Lauching an ULTImate YChemH screen for your drug's target deconvolution project will allow you to: 

     > Identify on & off-targets of your drug candidate

     > Decipher your drug mechanisms of action

    > Anticipate potential compound side effects
     > Evaluate safety of chemicals


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