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Our Mission

Understanding how proteins interact with each other is key to deciphering their function in bacteria, animal and plant cells.

Basic, pharmaceutical and agro-biotech research relies on protein interaction data to understand cell physiology and pathology, identify new therapeutic targets and uncover the mechanisms of action of drugs.

Since its inception in 1998, Hybrigenics has been a major player in the field of protein interactions with landmark contributions and achievements. Hybrigenics scientists were among the first to provide the community with high quality, large-scale protein interaction maps for bacteria (Rain et al. Nature 2001) and eukaryotes such as Drosophila (Formstecher et al., Genome Research 2005) and Homo sapiens (Colland et al., Genome Research 2004). These published dataset can be browsed freely thanks to PIMRider software, our dedicated protein interaction database.

The company was founded on its optimized yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) technology that enables researchers to discover novel protein interactions in any cell type or tissue in a comprehensive manner. Our patented protocol is backed by unique bioinformatics capabilities for traceability, storage of experimental data and time-saving analysis and presentation of the results.

Our protein interaction platform was opened to the community on a fee-for-service basis in 2003. Ever since, Hybrigenics has been the world leading provider of services to study protein interactions.

All fee-for-services activities are now performed by Hybrigenics Services SAS, a spin-off company that launched in 2010.

With over 9,000 screens performed in more than 35 species and 2,500 academic and industrial customers worldwide, Hybrigenics Services enjoy an unparalleled commercial and scientific recognition.

Our comprehensive range allows you to:

  • discover the protein partners of any protein, DNA, short RNA or small molecule using our screening technology
  • map the domains and amino acids critical for the interaction

Browse our website and discover the services that will meet your needs!

In 2016, a new range of services for the selection and validation of single-domain antibodies was launched under the brand Hybribody. Browse the dedicated Hybribody website to learn more.

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