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With our innovative technologies and team of experts, we are supporting the scientific community to Achieve their goals, Advance their knowledge about protein interactions and make new Discoveries.

We ought to be the best Y2H based and nanobody partner to make breaktroughs possible.






Our history

Discover Hybrigenics Services during the years


Molecular Glues (ULTImate Y2HChem)

We launch a new service for identifying PPI induced by small molecules adapted from our Y2H-based technology.


Genopole Biopark

We move our labs from Paris to the Genopole biotech hub to benefit from the innovative and collaborative scientific environment.


Hybrigenics Services SAS

We become an independently owned and operated R&D service provider with an expanding global reach.



Our VHH selection and validation service is launched. We developed the technology with Institut Curie, supported by the french ANR.


ULTImate YChemH

We adapt our Y2H platform for target deconvolution to identify interactors of bioactive small molecules, supported by a Eurostar grant.


Hybrigenics Services SAS

Hybrigenics Services SAS is created as a subsidiary of Hybrigenics SA and dedicated to all fee-for-service activities.


Protein Interaction Platform

Our Y2H platform, primarly dedicated to internal and sub-contracting R&D, is now offered on a fee-for-service basis.


Cell-to Cell Mating Patent

Our unique cell-to cell-mating protocol allows to screen our highly complex cDNA libraries in an exhaustive manner.


Ultimate Y2H Technology

Our Proprietary Yeast Two-Hybrid technology is licensed from Institut Pasteur and further developed and optimized for commercial use.


Hybrigenics SA

First spin-off from Pasteur Institute is founded by R. Benarous, J. Camonis, P. Legrain, J.-C. Rain, L. Selig and D. Strosberg

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Our Team

Photo of Jean Christophe Rain CEO Hybrigenics Services
Photography of Brent Passer
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Photography of Susanne Reichinnek
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Photo of Vincent Collura IT
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In 1998, Jean-Christophe co-founded Hybrigenics and set up the company’s high-throughput protein interaction platform inherited from his PhD work at the Pasteur Institute. From 2000 to 2006, he managed internal and collaborative target ID and drug discovery programs in microbiology, virology and oncology. Jean-Christophe was Director of Technology Development and co-lead Deputy General Manager since 2010 and was promoted to CEO/CSO December of 2019 where he has enthusiastically embraced his new responsibilities.

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Brent Passer received his PhD in Immunology at University of Alabama-Birmingham and performed his post-doctoral training at NAID/NIH in Bethesda, MD. Before joining Hybrigenics Corp. in 2013, Brent worked for MEL, a start-up biotech company in Paris, France and Massachusetts General Hospital. Brent contributes to the progress of the scientific and business goals at Hybrigenics. circleJoin us
Petra Tafelmeyer studied Biochemistry at Bochum University and obtained her PhD at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). After working on Mycobacterium ulcerans at Institute Pasteur, Paris, she joined Hybrigenics in 2007 as scientific project manager. Petra brings her in-depth technical knowledge and problem-solving skills to her leadership role as Director of Scientific Projects. Petra is based in New York City where she supports our North American clients. circleJoin us
Marie-Edith holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry. After two postdoctoral fellowships (Orléans, Nottingham Univ.), She started her career in industry at Cephalon, Inc. in 2000 as a medicinal chemist. In 2005, she joined Novexel managing antibacterial drug discovery programs. Since 2011, Marie-Edith has been Director of Chemistry where she led the development of Hybrigenics’ in-yeast drug discovery platforms and oversees chemical biology projects for our clients worldwide. She also supports BD operations in Europe. circleJoin us
Susanne completed her PhD in Neuroscience in Heidelberg, Germany, joined the private sector after her post-doctoral studies at INMED in Marseille and thereafter, worked as Marketing and Outreach Manager at PromoCell GmbH. Susanne combines her marketing acumen and strong communication and interpersonal skills to successfully lead Hybrigenics’ digital marketing strategy while supporting BD activities for her German-speaking clients. circleJoin us
Michael studied Cellular Biology at Strasbourg University, France and obtained his PhD in Molecular Virology. As a post-doc, Michael investigated phytovirus transmission at the INRAE Institute in Colmar, France and at North Carolina State University. Michael joined Hybrigenics’ BD team in 2021, where he supports client-related projects in the fields of Developmental Biology, Plant Biology, and Host-Pathogen Interactions. circleJoin us
Vincent Collura obtained his PhD in structural bioinformatics at Paris XI University in 1992 and worked as bioinformatics project leader and group leader at Proteus (Macclesfield, UK) and Synthelabo (now Sanofi). He joined Hybrigenics Service in 2010 and has developed from a managing project leader to the head the bioinformatics and IT department. We always value his constructive inputs as he manages the bio- and chemo-informatics platforms backing Hybrigenics’ production process and result analysis. circleJoin us
Imenne Boubakour obtained her PhD in Immunology at the Pasteur Institute, Paris. After postdocs at University of California San Francisco and Gustave-Roussy in France, where her research focused on DNA repair and cancer, she joined the French biotech company Onxeo as a Business Development Analyst and in 2016 Hybrigenics Services as a business development manager. With her strong scientific skills and excellent knowledge of academia and industry in Europe, Imenne supports translational research, funding opportunities and collaborative R&D programs. circleJoin us

Abarna obtained her PhD in Microbiology from the INRAE at Paris Saclay University. During her PhD, she explored the role of peptides in the bacterial communication using molecular biology, biochemistry and genetic approaches. Abarna joined Hybrigenics Services as a scientific project manager in 2021. She uses her results-oriented spirit, as well as her problem-solving skills, combining the current state of art and the power of our technologies, to support our customers from Europe and the Middle East.

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