The Protein Interactions Expert

Management Team


Etienne Formstecher graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, France, and obtained his PhD from Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) University. During his doctorate at the Collège de France in Paris, he worked on protein interactions in signal transduction cascades in the central nervous system. Etienne joined Hybrigenics’ R&D department in 2002, as a team leader in charge of large scale protein interaction mapping projects in human and drosophila. These maps fueled the company’s target identification and drug discovery programs in oncology in which Etienne participated. He co-authored 32 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and is co-inventor of three patent families. In 2006, Etienne joined the fee-for-service department where he set up the scientific support team. When the Hybrigenics Services subsidiary was created in 2010, he became Deputy General Manager in charge of scientific projects, sales and marketing. He was appointed CEO of Hybrigenics Services in January 2014.

Jean-Christophe RAIN, Deputy General Manager

Director of Industrial Operations and Technology Development

Jean-Christophe Rain received his PhD in Molecular Genetics from Paris XI University. During his PhD at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, Jean-Christophe contributed to the development of a novel yeast two-hybrid method for the exhaustive screening of highly complex libraries. In 1998, Jean-Christophe co-founded Hybrigenics and set up the company’s high-throughput protein interaction platform. This led to the publication in 2001 of one the first organism-wide protein interaction maps. From 2000 to 2006, he managed internal and collaborative target identification and drug discovery programs in microbiology, virology and oncology. As director of technology development, Jean-Christophe also implemented the other protein interaction services offered by the company. Since 2010, Jean-Christophe is Deputy General Manager of Hybrigenics services, in charge of industrial operations and technology development.

Vincent COLLURA, Director, Bioinformatics & IT

Vincent Collura obtained his PhD in structural bioinformatics at Paris XI University in 1992. He held positions as bioinformatics project leader and group leader at Proteus (Macclesfield, UK) and Synthelabo (now Sanofi). In his past twelve years at Hybrigenics, Vincent has been successively project leader and head of bioinformatics. Since February 2012, he heads the bioinformatics and IT department. His team manages the bio- and chemo-informatics platforms backing Hybrigenics’ production process and result analysis.

Marie-Edith GOURDEL, Director, Chemistry

Marie-Edith Gourdel received her PhD in organic chemistry in 1996 from Le Mans University where she focused her research on the synthesis of anti-viral agents and asymmetric synthesis. She carried out postdoctoral studies in the fields of anti-diabetic (Orléans University, France) and natural products synthesis (Nottingham University, UK). Marie-Edith started her industrial career at Cephalon in 2000 as a medicinal chemist in central nervous system and oncology projects. In 2005, she joined Novexel, a biopharmaceutical company specialized in antibacterial R&D, where she led a medicinal chemistry group and managed a preclinical development program. Since 2011, Marie-Edith is head of chemistry at Hybrigenics Services. She manages the chemical biology projects of our customers: identification of small molecule - protein interactions, inhibition of protein interaction by small molecules, high throughput screening and medicinal chemistry.

Barbara RUGGIERO, Director, Sales

Barbara Ruggiero joined Hybrigenics in 2004 after a two-year technical bachelor degree in general biology and a business school in biotechnology management. She actively contributed to the launch of Hybrigenics Services’ offer as a sales engineer. Barbara manages the sales team since 2006 and expanded our customer portfolio in Europe, North America and Asia.

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