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Ankyrin Is An Intracellular Tether for TMC Mechanotransduction Channels

Tang YQ, Lee SA, Rahman M, Vanapalli SA, Lu H, Schafer WR. (2020) Neuron. S0896-6273(20)30233-6


TBX1 is required for normal stria vascularis and semicircular canal development

Tian C, Johnson KR (2020) Dev Biol. 457(1):91-103

Cell Biology

Newly identified Gon4l/Udu-interacting proteins implicate novel functions.

Tsai SM, Chu KC, Jiang YJ (2020) Sci Rep. Aug 26;10(1):14213

Cell Biology

APOL1 C-Terminal Variants May Trigger Kidney Disease through Interference with APOL3 Control of Actomyosin

Uzureau S, Lecordier L, Uzureau P, Hennig D, Graversen JH, Homblé F, Mfutu PE, Oliveira Arcolino F, Ramos AR, La Rovere RM, Luyten T, Vermeersch M, Tebabi P, Dieu M, Cuypers B, Deborggraeve S, Rabant M, Legendre C, Moestrup SK, Levtchenko E, Bultynck G, Erneux C, Pérez-Morga D, Pays E. (2020) Cell Rep. 30(11):3821-3836

Cell Biology

TMEM98 is a negative regulator of FRAT mediated Wnt/ß-catenin signalling

van der Wal T, Lambooij JP, van Amerongen R (2020) PLoS One.,15(1) :e0227435

Cancer Research

The BRCA2-MEILB2-BRME1 complex governs meiotic recombination and impairs the mitotic BRCA2-RAD51 function in cancer cells

Zhang J, Gurusaran M, Fujiwara Y, Zhang K, Echbarthi M, Vorontsov E, Guo R, Pendlebury DF, Alam I, Livera G, Emmanuelle M, Wang PJ, Nandakumar J, Davies OR, Shibuya H. (2020) Nat Commun.11(1):2055

Cell Biology

Disease-associated synaptic scaffold protein CNK2 modulates PSD size and influences localisation of the regulatory kinase TNIK

Zieger HL, Kunde SA, Rademacher N, Schmerl B, Shoichet SA. (2020) Sci Rep. 10(1):5709



FIGNL1 associates with KIF1Bβ and BICD1 to restrict dynein transport velocity during axon navigation

Atkins M, Gasmi L, Bercier V, Revenu C, Del Bene F, Hazan J, Fassier C (2019) J Cell Biol., 218(10):3290-3306


salto/CG13164 is required for sperm head morphogenesis in Drosophila

Augière C, Lapart JA, Duteyrat JL, Cortier E, Maire C, Thomas J, Durand B Mol Biol Cell. 2019 Mar 1;30(5):636-645

Cell Biology

Interactions between lysyl oxidases and ADAMTS proteins suggest a novel crosstalk between two extracellular matrix families

Aviram R, Zaffryar-Eilot S, Hubmacher D, Grunwald H, Mäki JM, Myllyharju J, Apte SS, Hasson P Matrix Biol. 2019 Jan;75-76:114-125
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