The Protein Interactions Expert

Microbiology / Virology

Hybrigenics’ contribution to our HIV target identification and drug discovery programs was absolutely decisive. Thanks to their unparalleled Y2H technology, we discovered an interaction between a key HIV enzyme and an obligatory host protein. They further pinpointed the amino acids required for the interaction by a very elegant and impressive Y2H screening of a bait mutant library constructed by random PCR mutagenesis. We used the resulting mutants identified through loss of interaction to demonstrate that this interaction was crucial for viral replication, leading to several high-impact publications. Hybrigenics then set up an in vitro assay for the High Throughput Screening of this interaction against diverse small molecule libraries. This culminated in the identification of lead compounds that modulate the interaction and inhibit HIV-1 replication in cells. Hybrigenics’ staff is very competent and dedicated. I would highly recommend their outstanding services.

Richard Benarous (Mutabilis, Paris, France) - Europe

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