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We have been thinking of performing a Y2H analysis for a while in order to get new insight on the interaction between coronavirus protein and cellular proteins in infected cells. A friend of mine told me about Hybrigenics and I decided to check on their website in order to evaluate the possibilities. There was this lottery about the possibility to win a complete Y2H analysis (value of 12 000$), so I decided to participate and a few weeks later, I learned that I have won and we started a very interesting and nice adventure with the people at Hybrigenics. The interactions with the technical people (especially Dr Petra Tafelmeyer) were always professional but also very pleasant. I was able to count on people with good expertise who were able to suggest good strategies and to explain them very clearfully. We had to deal with a problem of autoactivation with our bait (ns2 protein of the human coronavirus OC43) and I was able to rely on good suggestion in order to do a domain mapping experiment, which helped to resolve the problems. Therefore, I consider that our collaboration with Hybrigenics was very positive and I would highly recommend to work with them for an eventual Y2H analysis.

Marc Desforges (INRS-Institut Armand Frappier, Laval, Canada) - North America

We have carried out one Y2H screen with Hybrigenics using a mouse adult brain cDNA library. The results of the screening were very satisfying and valuable to us. They included a very detailed analysis of each hit and an estimation of their level of confidence. Given the highly professional service and friendly assistance, I would strongly recommend Hybrigenics to other scientists interested in carrying out a Y2H screen.

Tomomi Aida (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan) - RoW

My laboratory carried out a Y2H screen using a brain fetal library to find proteins interacting with a cleaved domain of a transmembrane protein. Every part of the procedure was clearly explained by the team and after a few months I received clear results. Interacting proteins identified by the Y2H screen were confirmed by other methods and in the end, the results were very helpful to go on with our research. The price that I paid was very cheap considering the importance of the results and the speed to get them.

Bernard Rogister (University of Liège, Belgium) - Europe

As a fundamentalist researcher in pain neurophysiology, seeking interaction partners of our potent targets is undoubtedly necessary to unravel underlying mechanisms and address our hypothesis. After reviewing many strategy tracks to perform Yeast-Two-Hybrid screening, our highest scored choice was Hybrigenics. Why? Cost- and time-effective throughput; results under 4 months, cost estimates lower than homemade Y2H for those who don't have an active platform, results layed in a bioinformatics report ranked as highest potential on-target partners. Add to this that graduate students won't jeopardize their projects; they can focus on 10 guaranteed interaction candidates from the beginning instead of hoping to obtain partners after 1 year of Y2H laboratory efforts. Hybrigenics have a reputation built upon a good record, and all this rendered under a professional service. An intelligent way to perform efficient research...I highly recommend!

Nicolas Beaudet (Sherbrooke University, Sherbrooke, Canada) - North America

If you are a small, cost-sensitive lab and you are considering a yeast two-hybrid approach, Hybrigenics offers a compelling package of experienced scientists, vectors, procedures, cDNA libraries, robotics, and bioinformatics capable of accelerating your research that is worth considering. Given the limitations of resources (space, time, people, and funds), outsourcing this work to a skilled, dedicated service allows small labs to easily extend their capabilities, generating rapid results of genome-wide screens with high quality control.

Howard Gershenfeld (University of Texas Southwestern, USA) - North America

The technical and sales staff at Hybrigenics have been very supportive in our project so far. They have worked with us every step of the way, on a project that has had numerous technical challenges. In addition to good service, they seem genuinely curious in the science and have contributed to our critical thinking regarding the work.

Alex Bassuk (University of Iowa, USA) - North America

Hybrigenics offers a highly professional two-hybrid service. Obtained results are well presented and easily interpreted. Known preys have faithfully been identified, which has proved the very high quality provided by Hybrigenics.

Peder Madsen (University of Aarhus, Denmark) - Europe

Recently, we performed a yeast two-hybrid screen using the service provided by Hybrigenics. This turned out to be a good investment since the bait caused several problems that were efficiently solved by the experts of Hybrigenics. The screen was performed in little time, providing us with a list of putative interactors that have allowed us to dig into new but highly relevant functions of our protein. All in all, given the limited resources of our laboratory we are convinced that confiding to the expertise of Hybrigenics was worth the cost of the service and can only be strongly recommended to other research laboratories.

Charlotte Kilstrup-Nielsen (University of Insubria, Italy) - Europe

Hybrigenics performed Y2H screens for different proteins we are interested in. All these screens were very successful and identified several novel protein interactions which we confirmed using other methods. The most remarkable screen was conducted with a protein showing autoactivation in the Y2H system. Hybrigenics followed two strategies to identify interaction partners. One was the MBmate system, which already identified some novel interaction partners. The other strategy was based on a domain mapping which identified the autoactivating part of the protein, which was rather unexpected, and was followed up by an ULTImate screen using other parts of the protein. These latter screens revealed a high number of novel interaction partners of putative functional relevance. Hybrigenics provides a high quality service package to discover novel interactions based on scientific experience and assistance combined with complex libraries. 

Guido Hermey (Center for Molecular Neurobiology, Germany) - Europe

I first used the Hybrigenics 1-by-1 Y2H service to test specific protein-protein interactions in my project. The result was very satisfying and then I asked Hybrigenics to perform ULTImate Y2H screens for two proteins I am working on. The result came back within three months with complete detailed bioinformatics analysis of the positive clones which is very helpful for further investigation. Also the staff in Hybrigenics is very friendly to help in each step of the experiment from the design of the bait to interpret the result data. It is a pleasant experience to work with Hybrigenics and I would highly recommend Hybrigenics to people who want to do yeast-two-hybrid screen

Paul Wu (Cambridge University, United Kingdom) - Europe
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