Meet us at the STS 18th joint meeting

5-7 November - Weimar, Germany

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Meet us at the Protein-Protein Interaction Conference

22-23 October - Boston, MA

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Human Langerhans islets ULTImate library available for screening

October - Paris, France

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Bruno Mainnemard, sales engineer, will be in Stockholm

October 20-22 - Stockholm, Sweden

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Meet us at the GDR 3545 3rd annual meeting

October 20-22 - Montpellier, France

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Latest Publications

Heterotrimeric Go protein links Wnt-Frizzled signaling with ankyrins to regulate the neuronal microtubule cytoskeleton

Lüchtenborg AM, Solis GP, Egger-Adam D, Koval A, Lin C, Blanchard MG, Kellenberger S, Katanaev VL

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PIRIN2 stabilizes cysteine protease XCP2 and increases susceptibility to the vascular pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum in Arabidopsis

Zhang B, Tremousaygue D, Denancé N, van Esse HP, Hörger AC, Dabos P, Goffner D, Thomma BP, van der Hoorn RA, Tuominen H

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Remodeling of the Intestinal Brush Border Underlies Adhesion and Virulence of an Enteric Pathogen

Zhou X, Massol RH, Nakamura F, Chen X, Gewurz BE, Davis BM, Lencer WI, Waldor MK

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Plasma DYRK1A as a novel risk factor for Alzheimer's disease

Janel N, Sarazin M, Corlier F, Corne H, de Souza LC, Hamelin L, Aka A, Lagarde J, Blehaut H, Hindié V, Rain JC, Arbones ML, Dubois B, Potier MC, Bottlaender M, Delabar JM

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Homodimerization of RBPMS2 through a new RRM-interaction motif is necessary to control smooth muscle plasticity

Sagnol S, Yang Y, Bessin Y, Allemand F, Hapkova I, Notarnicola C, Guichou JF, Faure S, Labesse G, de Santa Barbara P

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I am very pleased with the yeast 2-hybrid services provided by Hybrigenics! The data are high quality and have helped to initiate new projects in my lab. Also, the staff are very knowledgeable and...

Dr. Ram Dixit (Washington University in Saint-Louis, USA)
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We successfully carried out a Y2H screen with Hybrigenics. We obtained excellent advice on designing our bait and choosing the best library for our studies. A large number of candidate interacting ...

Dr. Jean-Francois Cote (IRCM, Canada)
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We have carried out one Y2H screen with Hybrigenics using a mouse adult brain cDNA library. The results of the screening were very satisfying and valuable to us. They included a very detailed analy...

Dr. Tomomi Aida (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan)
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My interactions with the Hybrigenics team have been excellent. From the beginning of our collaboration involving library preparation through the point of completing two Y2H screens, the Hybrigenics...

Dr. Zach Lippman (CSHL, USA)
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Hybrigenics’ contribution to our HIV target identification and drug discovery programs was absolutely decisive. Thanks to their unparalleled Y2H technology, we discovered an interaction between a k...

Dr. Richard Benarous (Mutabilis, France)
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I learnt about Hybrigenics from a colleague who recommended this company warmly. Having performed several two-hybrid screens myself, I was very impressed by the professionalism at Hybrigenics. The ...

Pr. Harald Stenmark (University of Oslo, Norway)
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My laboratory carried out several screens with Hybrigenics in order to identify the partners of Rab GTPases, key regulators of intracellular traffic in eukaryotic cells. The results have been impre...

Dr. Bruno Goud (Institut Curie, France)
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I requested Hybrigenics to perform two yeast two hybrid screenings using both human and zebrafish gene. We could not set up to run in our lab due to cost, time and lack of zebrafish Y2H library. Th...

Dr. Tomoko Obara (University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, USA)
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We have enjoyed the interaction with the Hybrigenics team. They are professional, provided accurate and exciting results which lead our science to new frontiers. I recommended their services to ...

Dr. Orly Reiner (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
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Working with Hybrigenics staff is more like having a collaborator than a service provider…staff is very knowledgeable and highly responsive..their expertise and novel methodology gives high hit rel...

Dr. Bhuminder Singh (Vanderbilt University, USA)
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Hybrigenics yeast two-hybrid screening is unparalleled in terms of completeness and quality of service. Moreover, their services are a tremendous value, as we could not set it up in our lab for ev...

Dr. Scott Hiebert (Vanderbilt University, USA)
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My laboratory carried out a Y2H screen using a brain fetal library to find proteins interacting with a cleaved domain of a transmembrane protein. Every part of the procedure was clearly explained ...

Dr. Bernard Rogister (University of Liège, Belgium)
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I have been very happy with the results. They have given us numerous leads for our research. I would definitely use Hybrigenics services again.

Dr. James Schoelz (University of Missouri, USA)
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My laboratory carried out a Y2H screen with Hybrigenics using a human fibroblast cDNA library. I was very pleased with the results that we got. When I first contacted Hybrigenics about carrying ou...

Dr. Grant Stewart (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)
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I requested Hybrigenics to perform a Y2H screen to test specific protein-protein interactions in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, the system I am working on. The results obtained by Hybrigenic...

Dr. Jose M. Estevez (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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As a fundamentalist researcher in pain neurophysiology, seeking interaction partners of our potent targets is undoubtedly necessary to unravel underlying mechanisms and address our hypothesis. Afte...

Dr. Nicolas Beaudet (Sherbrooke University, Canada)
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Hybrigenics was up to par for their services, starting from the time the contract was established. There was absolutely no down time on their end. Our request was executed as we wished.

Dr. Pascale Nantermet (Merck & Co, USA)
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Hybrigenic’s two-hybrid service is really quite impressive, and their people are a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend them. And, it doesn’t matter how little you pay your post docs, you can’...

Dr. Mike Schopperle (Harvard Medical School, USA)
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If you are a small, cost-sensitive lab and you are considering a yeast two-hybrid approach, Hybrigenics offers a compelling package of experienced scientists, vectors, procedures, cDNA libraries, r...

Dr. Howard Gershenfeld (University of Texas Southwestern, USA)
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We have used Hybrigenics services to screen a cDNA library of Arabidopsis for six different baits. We have obtained very good results for all of them. We have found the support service remarkably ...

Pr. Federica Brandizzi (Michigan State University, USA)
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Expert appraisal relating to protein interactions. Two-hybrid screening. Afnor - Afaq certifications

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