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Microbiology / Virology

Ubiquitination of Listeria Virulence Factor InlC Contributes to the Host Response to Infection

Gouin E, Balestrino D, Rasid O, Nahori MA, Villiers V, Impens F, Volant S, Vogl T, Jacob Y, Dussurget O, Cossart P. (2019) mBio., 10(6)


Downregulated Wnt/β-catenin signalling in the Down syndrome hippocampus

Granno S, Nixon-Abell J, Berwick DC, Tosh J, Heaton G, Almudimeegh S, Nagda Z, Rain JC, Zanda M, Plagnol V, Tybulewicz VLJ, Cleverley K, Wiseman FK, Fisher EMC, Harvey K (2019) Sci Rep. May 13;9(1):7322

Cell Biology

Slx5/Slx8-dependent ubiquitin hotspots on chromatin contribute to stress tolerance

Höpfler M, Kern MJ, Straub T, Prytuliak R, Habermann BH, Pfander B, Jentsch S (2019) EMBO J. Jun 3;38(11)

Cancer Research

Annexin A6 improves anti-migratory and anti-invasive properties of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in EGFR overexpressing human squamous epithelial cells

Hoque M, Elmaghrabi YA, Köse M, Beevi SS, Jose J, Meneses-Salas E, Blanco-Muñoz P, Conway JRW, Swarbrick A, Timpson P, Tebar F, Enrich C, Rentero C, Grewal T FEBS J


VCP/p97 controls signals of the ERK1/2 pathway transmitted via the Shoc2 scaffolding complex: novel insights into IBMPFD pathology

Jang H, Jang ER, Wilson PG, Anderson D, Galperin E (2019) Mol Biol Cell. 30(14):1655-1663

Cell Biology

Rho-family GTPase 1 (Rnd1) is a biomechanical stress-sensitive activator of cardiomyocyte hypertrophy

Kluge A, Rangrez AY, Kilian LS, Pott J, Bernt A, Frauen R, Rohrbeck A, Frey N, Frank D J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2019 Feb 21;129:130-143


An actin-based viscoplastic lock ensures progressive body-axis elongation

Lardennois A, Pásti G, Ferraro T, Llense F, Mahou P, Pontabry J, Rodriguez D, Kim S, Ono S, Beaurepaire E, Gally C, Labouesse M Nature. 2019 Sep;573(7773):266-270

Cell Biology

Headcase and Unkempt Regulate Tissue Growth and Cell Cycle Progression in Response to Nutrient Restriction

Li N, Liu Q, Xiong Y, Yu J (2019) Cell Rep. 26(3):733-747.e3.

Cell Biology

The novel cyclophilin-D-interacting protein FASTKD1 protects cells against oxidative stress-induced cell death

Marshall KD, Klutho PJ, Song L, Krenz M, Baines CP (2019) Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 317(3):C584-C599
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