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Microbiology / Virology

Multiple components of the nuclear pore complex interact with the amino-terminus of MX2 to facilitate HIV-1 restriction

Dicks MDJ, Betancor G, Jimenez-Guardeño JM, Pessel-Vivares L, Apolonia L, Goujon C, Malim MH (2018) PLoS Pathog.,14(11):e1007408

Cell Biology

Repression of Cell Differentiation by a cis-Acting lincRNA in Fission Yeast

Fauquenoy S, Migeot V, Finet O, Yague-Sanz C, Khorosjutina O, Ekwall K, Hermand D (2018) Curr Biol., 28(3):383-391.e3

Cell Biology

The apical scaffold big bang binds to spectrins and regulates the growth of Drosophila melanogaster wing discs

Forest E, Logeay R, Géminard C, Kantar D, Frayssinoux F, Heron-Milhavet L, Djiane A (2018) J Cell Biol., 217(3):1047-1062

Cancer Research

A caspase-2-RFXANK interaction and its implication for MHC class II expression

Forsberg J, Li X, Akpinar B, Salvatori R, Ott M, Zhivotovsky B, Olsson M (2018) Cell Death Dis., 9(2):80

Cell Biology

Fam49/CYRI interacts with Rac1 and locally suppresses protrusions

Fort L, Batista JM, Thomason PA, Spence HJ, Whitelaw JA, Tweedy L, Greaves J, Martin KJ, Anderson KI, Brown P, Lilla S, Neilson MP, Tafelmeyer P, Zanivan S, Ismail S, Bryant DM, Tomkinson NCO, Chamberlain LH, Mastick GS, Insall RH, Machesky LM (2018) Nat Cell Biol., 20(10):1159-1171

Cancer Research

The Tumor Suppressor SASH1 Interacts With the Signal Adaptor CRKL to Inhibit Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition and Metastasis in Colorectal Cancer

Franke FC, Müller J, Abal M, Medina ED, Nitsche U, Weidmann H, Chardonnet S, Ninio E, Janssen KP (2018) Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol., 7(1):33-53

Cell Biology

Nuclear RNR-α antagonizes cell proliferation by directly inhibiting ZRANB3

Fu Y, Long MJC, Wisitpitthaya S, Inayat H, Pierpont TM, Elsaid IM, Bloom JC, Ortega J, Weiss RS, Aye Y (2018) Nat Chem Biol., 14(10):943-954

Plant Biology

Proteasome-associated HECT-type ubiquitin ligase activity is required for plant immunity

Furniss JJ, Grey H, Wang Z, Nomoto M, Jackson L, Tada Y, Spoel SH (2018) PLoS Pathog., 14(11):e1007447


The striatal kinase DCLK3 produces neuroprotection against mutant huntingtin

Galvan L, Francelle L, Gaillard MC, de Longprez L, Carrillo-de Sauvage MA, Liot G, Cambon K, Stimmer L, Luccantoni S, Flament J, Valette J, de Chaldée M, Auregan G, Guillermier M, Joséphine C, Petit F, Jan C, Jarrige M, Dufour N, Bonvento G, Humbert S, Saudou F, Hantraye P, Merienne K, Bemelmans AP, Perrier AL, Déglon N, Brouillet E (2018) Brain, 141(5):1434-1454
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