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Cell Biology

Cryptosporidium rhoptry effector protein ROP1 injected during invasion targets the host cytoskeletal modulator LMO7

Amandine G, Nathan H.R, Emily M.K, Laurence B, Janis K.B, Jung-Bum S, Boris S (2021) ScienceDirect Pages 1407-1420.e5

Cancer Research

Target identification for small-molecule discovery in the FOXO3a tumor-suppressor pathway using a biodiverse peptide library, Cell Chemical Biology

Amy Emery, Bryn S. Hardwick, Alex T. Crooks, Nadia Milech, Paul M. Watt, Chandan Mithra, Vikrant Kumar, Saranya Giridharan, Gayathri Sadasivam, Subashini Mathivanan, Sneha Sudhakar, Sneha Bairy, Kavitha Bharatham, Manjunath A. Hurakadli, Thazhe K. Prasad, Neelagandan Kamariah, Markus Muellner, Miguel Coelho, Christopher J. Torrance, Grahame J. McKenzie, Ashok R. Venkitaraman (2021) Cell Chemical Biology,2451-9456


RASSF8-mediated transport of Echinoid via the exocyst promotes Drosophila wing elongation and epithelial ordering

Chan EHY, Zhou Y, Aerne BL, Holder MV, Weston A, Barry DJ, Collinson L, Tapon N (2021) Development,15;148(20):dev199731

Cancer Research

The oncogene AAMDC links PI3K-AKT-mTOR signaling with metabolic reprograming in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer

Golden E, Rashwan R, Woodward EA, Sgro A, Wang E, Sorolla A, Waryah C, Tie WJ, Cuyàs E, Ratajska M, Kardaś I, Kozlowski P, Johnstone EKM, See HB, Duffy C, Parry J, Lagerborg KA, Czapiewski P, Menendez JA, Gorczyński A, Wasag B, Pfleger KDG, Curtis C, Lee BK, Kim J, Cursons J, Pavlos NJ, Biernat W, Jain M, Woo AJ, Redfern A, Blancafort P (2021) Nat Commun, 12(1):1920

Microbiology / Virology

Parasitic modulation of host development by ubiquitin-independent protein degradation

Huang W, MacLean AM, Sugio A, Maqbool A, Busscher M, Cho ST, Kamoun S, Kuo CH, Immink RGH, Hogenhout SA (2021) Cell, 184(20):5201-5214.e12

Plant Biology

At3g53630 encodes a GUN1-interacting protein under norflurazon treatment

Huang XQ, Wang LJ, Kong MJ, Huang N, Liu XY, Liang HY, Zhang JX, Lu S (2021) Protoplasma.Mar;258(2):371-378


Vascular endothelial ERp72 is involved in the inflammatory response in a rat model of skeletal muscle injury

Khalaf NB, Al-Μehatab D, Fathallah DM (2021) Mol Med Rep.Mar;23(3):186

Cell Biology

PIE-1 SUMOylation promotes germline fates and piRNA-dependent silencing in C. elegans

Kim H, Ding YH, Lu S, Zuo MQ, Tan W, Conte D Jr, Dong MQ, Mello CC (2021) Elife.May 18;10:e63300

Plant Biology

Transgenic insertion of the cyanobacterial membrane protein ictB increases grain yield in Zea mays through increased photosynthesis and carbohydrate production

Koester RP, Pignon CP, Kesler DC, Willison RS, Kang M, Shen Y, Priest HD, Begemann MB, Cook KA, Bannon GA, Oufattole M (2021) PLoS One.Feb 4;16(2):e0246359

Cell Biology

SPEG binds with desmin and its deficiency causes defects in triad and focal adhesion proteins

Luo S, Li Q, Lin J, Murphy Q, Marty I, Zhang Y, Kazerounian S, Agrawal PB (2021) Hum Mol Genet. Feb 25;29(24):3882-3891
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