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Plant Biology

I have been using the Y2H service from Hybrigenics for years and I’ve never been disappointed. Each of their screening provides us at least one solid protein-protein interaction which has been then confirmed by different in vitro and in planta approaches in my lab. My students can do Y2H in the lab as well, but it costs them a lot of time, especially when multiple proteins have to be screened. I have to say that the service from Hybrigenics is more professional and more reliable. And I also like their availability of a large amount of different libraries very much. It is very critical when I am not working on Arabidopsis, or having a membrane protein to deal with. We have good communication from the discussion of bait and library in the beginning, to the final completion, and I am always informed when there is any progress. I think I will keep working with Hybrigenics, and I definitely would like to recommend Hybrigenics to my colleagues.

Shan Lu, (Nanjing University, Nanjing, China) - RoW

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