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We employed the expertise of Hybrigenics following recommendation from a colleague. We were impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of this service, and the fact realistic timelines were given. Hybrigenics offered a comprehensive service that had an easy starting point for us, without the need for lengthy cloning steps. By out-sourcing to Hybrigenics we were able to focus on other experiments in our lab, rather than spending time trying to set up this technique for ourselves – which would have taken much longer and been rather challenging, for a small lab. The Y2H screen was successful in that several interactors were identified from a screen against a mouse cDNA library. We have subsequently selected some of these for further experiments, including verifying the interactions by co-immunoprecipitation. The data generated by Hybrigenics were included in a poster presented at an international meeting in London - Cilia in Development and Disease – and our attendance at the meeting was in fact sponsored by Hybrigenics! It’s been a pleasure working with them and I would strongly recommend them to others. It’s a worthwhile investment that helps increase the speed of progress!

Jenny Murdoch (Royal Holloway University of London, London, United Kingdom) - Europe

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