The Protein Interactions Expert


We have been thinking of performing a Y2H analysis for a while in order to get new insight on the interaction between coronavirus protein and cellular proteins in infected cells. A friend of mine told me about Hybrigenics and I decided to check on their website in order to evaluate the possibilities. There was this lottery about the possibility to win a complete Y2H analysis (value of 12 000$), so I decided to participate and a few weeks later, I learned that I have won and we started a very interesting and nice adventure with the people at Hybrigenics. The interactions with the technical people (especially Dr Petra Tafelmeyer) were always professional but also very pleasant. I was able to count on people with good expertise who were able to suggest good strategies and to explain them very clearfully. We had to deal with a problem of autoactivation with our bait (ns2 protein of the human coronavirus OC43) and I was able to rely on good suggestion in order to do a domain mapping experiment, which helped to resolve the problems. Therefore, I consider that our collaboration with Hybrigenics was very positive and I would highly recommend to work with them for an eventual Y2H analysis.

Marc Desforges (INRS-Institut Armand Frappier, Laval, Canada) - North America

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