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Drug Discovery

Our work with Hybrigenics aimed to deconvolute the potential target of a promising screening hit that we had previously identified in a phenotypic HTS campaign. Hybrigenics not only carried out the YChemH service itself but also organized the synthesis of chemical probes required for the conduct of the YChemH screen. We were thrilled to see how goal-oriented they realized the project proposal which resulted in an unambiguous result that meanwhile has been confirmed in several follow-up assays in our hands. That was beyond our expectations in terms of the speed and the robustness with which we accomplished our goal. What we appreciated most about working with Hybrigenics was their effort to develop a deep understanding of our needs and their ability to deliver sustainable results.

Matthias Baumann (Lead Discovery Center, Dortmund, Germany) - Europe


Hybrigenics conducted Y2H for our team. The huge Hybrigenics internal database provides additional confirmatory interaction information. I am very pleased to inform you that among the 18 hits obtained from the Y2H, we have already confirmed 3 molecules as genuine binding partners with our bait, according to immunoprecipitation. We have published recently a good paper in Nature Communications, which includes the data from Hybrigenics. Therefore, Y2H conducted by Hybrigenics is a very useful and reliable discovery tool. Furthermore, during the process of Y2H, Hybrigenics scientist team was very professional with vast expertise in trouble-shooting and data interpretation. We are extremely satisfied with the service and help from Hybrigenics.

Jiangping Wu (CHUM, Montreal, Quebec) - North America

We have carried a Y2H screening with Hybrigenics on a totally unknown protein as a bait, and I was really impressed by the professionalism of their team and the quality of the work. Their customer and technical assistance were excellent. Before starting the project, we knew few information about our bait, and after the Y2H, our routes were clear and coherent thanks to the results delivered. This project helped us a lot understanding the function of the protein and enabled us to elaborate a grant application. I highly recommend them as the best Y2H service provider.

Noureddine Ben Khalaf (Al-Jawhara Centre, Kingdom of Bahrain) - RoW

We have enjoyed the interaction with the Hybrigenics team. They are professional, provided accurate and exciting results which lead our science to new frontiers. I recommended their services to other faculty members, which enjoyed a positive experience as well.

Orly Reiner (Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel) - RoW


Hybrigenics was up to par for their services, starting from the time the contract was established. There was absolutely no down time on their end. Our request was executed as we wished.

Pascale Nantermet (Merck & Co, USA) - North America

We were delighted with Hybrigenics services. 3 months only were necessary for them to sub-clone the bait, test 90 millions of interactions and isolate many potential binding partners, some with very high confidence. Interactions with both the scientific and commercial teams were very pleasant and highly professional. We would definitely use Hybrigenics again and highly recommend it.

Christine Salaün (Medical School Paris Descartes, France) - Europe

Microbiology / Virology

The Hybrigenic screen that we commissioned produced excellent results, which strongly corroborated the results from another approach in the laboratory to identify host proteins that interact with retroviral integrase molecules. The results had a significant impact in determining the direction of our research, and formed the basis for an excellent and productive PhD project. I would strongly recommend Hybrigenic’s services to others: indeed, I have often done so.

Charles Bangham (Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom) - Europe

I have used the yeast-two-hybrid service provided by Hybrigenics, and was very satisfied. The staff members had expert knowledge and provided valuable updates and feedback. The provided information and the result summary are clear. Most importantly, the Hybrigenics staff responded quickly to questions, provided suggestions, and discussed the outcome.

Hans Netter (Monash University, Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Australia) - RoW

Hybrigenics’ contribution to our HIV target identification and drug discovery programs was absolutely decisive. Thanks to their unparalleled Y2H technology, we discovered an interaction between a key HIV enzyme and an obligatory host protein. They further pinpointed the amino acids required for the interaction by a very elegant and impressive Y2H screening of a bait mutant library constructed by random PCR mutagenesis. We used the resulting mutants identified through loss of interaction to demonstrate that this interaction was crucial for viral replication, leading to several high-impact publications. Hybrigenics then set up an in vitro assay for the High Throughput Screening of this interaction against diverse small molecule libraries. This culminated in the identification of lead compounds that modulate the interaction and inhibit HIV-1 replication in cells. Hybrigenics’ staff is very competent and dedicated. I would highly recommend their outstanding services.

Richard Benarous (Mutabilis, Paris, France) - Europe


We are interested in oligodendroglial cell maturation mainly in the context of myelin repair as it is highly relevant for the development of novel regenerative therapies for Multiple Sclerosis. With our previous work we identified a novel inhibitory factor, encoded by the p57kip2 gene, regulating the efficiency of the glial differentiation process. In order to decipher the underlying mode of action of this regulator we searched for professional support in detecting protein binding partners. To this end we teamed up with Hybrigenics and performed an ULTIMATE Y2H screen. This turned out to be a very fruitful collaboration and provided us with new binding proteins and revealed the requested mode of action, which could finally be published (Göttle et al., Journal of Neuroscience 2015). Currently we are preparing another approach together with the company in order to reveal further protein/protein interactions in related contexts and we might even launch an INHIBIT project.

Patrick Küry (Heinrich-Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany) - Europe
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