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Cell Biology

My laboratory carried out a Y2H screen with Hybrigenics using a human fibroblast cDNA library. I was very pleased with the results that we got. When I first contacted Hybrigenics about carrying out a screen, they were very helpful with explaining the technical detail about how the screen was going to be carried out, the reagents that I needed to provide, the potential problems that may arise and the what steps would be taken should these problem be encountered. The customer service was outstanding and I very much appreciated the one to one contact I had with them. I was constantly kept informed about the progress of the project and following completion of the project, the results of the screen were explained thoroughly. Given the level of professionalism, service and the reasonable price, I would highly recommend Hybrigenics to any other researcher interested in carrying out a Y2H screen.

Grant Stewart (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom) - Europe

I have had two Y2H screens conducted by Hybrigenics. I found my contacts to be helpful and friendly, and they gave clear advice on the pros and cons of particular types of libraries and of different bait designs. The results arrived promptly and were helpfully annotated. This allowed us to identify potential leads quickly and we have made excellent progress. Of the leads we have followed, over 90% have been confirmed by directed Y2H, biochemically, and/or functionally.

Phil Woodman (Manchester University, United Kingdom) - Europe

We have used Hybrigenics services for one screen using a human muscle cDNA library. We have been very satisfied with the service provided. A large number of clones were screened, and the screen was successful, leading to a publication in Nature Genetics (Le Goff et al., 2008). Altogether, Hybrigenics staff was very efficient and very friendly to help in each step of the project (regular updates on the progress of the screens).

Carine Le Goff (Hôpital Necker-Enfants malades, France) - Europe

Regarding the Hybrigenics screen I can say that my experience with Hybrigenics was that the whole setting up and screening process was very professional. 80% of the proteins identified as partners to my bait protein were real and co-localize to the bait This was very useful because my bait is an insoluble cytoskeleton protein. We are very pleased with the results.

Derrick Roy Robinson (University of Bordeaux, France) - Europe

We have used Hybrigenics’ ULTImate Y2H Screening Service 4 times over the last years and we have been successful each time! Hybrigenics staff has been very helpful in the design of the bait construct and their offer is really complete. The data provided are presented in a professional way. I am very satisfied with their service and would recommend to use it.

Carol Murphy (University of Ioannina, Greece) - Europe

We have used Hybrigenics' services, first for the construction of a highly complex medaka yeast two-hybrid library and then to perform four independent ULTImate Y2H screens using that library. The screens were in all cases successful and we are very satisfied with the quality of the results, with the timing and with the professional services offered throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend it to other customers.

Juan Ramon Martinez Morales (University Pablo de Olavide, Spain) - Europe

We have used Hybrigenics services for one screen using a human cDNA library. We have been very satisfied with the service provided. Obviously the qualities of the library and of the screen were excellent, a large number of clones were screened, and among the positives we found an already known interacting protein. Very useful bioinformatics information about the clones was provided along with the clones' identity. Altogether, the service was very efficient and quick. In addition, at the various steps of the screen, direct interaction, by email or by phone with the technical service was helpful and efficient.

Bernard De Massy (Institute of Human Genetics, Montpellier, France) - Europe

We have recently used the expertise of Hybrigenics to screen for binding partners in the genome of the parasitic protozoan Trypanosoma brucei. This turned out to be a doubly pleasing experience, not only because the screen was successful beyond expectations, but also because the people at Hybrigenics proved to be very helpful, highly competent, were readily available for support and delivered the results on time.

Thomas Seebeck (Bern University, Switzerland) - Europe


I requested Hybrigenics to perform two yeast two hybrid screenings using both human and zebrafish gene. We could not set up to run in our lab due to cost, time and lack of zebrafish Y2H library. Their screen results initiated a new direction to our research by finding novel candidates. I would definitely use Hybrigenics services again

Tomoko Obara (University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, Oklahoma City, USA) - North America

I was very impressed with Hybrigenics. It turned out that my initial full-length Y2H bait was a strong auto-activator and so dedicated experiments were performed to identify a suitable fragment for the screen. I was continually impressed with their level of expertise, attention to detail and refreshing interest in the science, and importantly their commitment to keeping the project on schedule. In all Hybrigenics provided a very professional service and were a pleasure to work with.

Michael Taylor (Cardiff University, United Kingdom) - Europe
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