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Cancer Research

I learnt about Hybrigenics from a colleague who recommended this company warmly. Having performed several two-hybrid screens myself, I was very impressed by the professionalism at Hybrigenics. The data they obtained for us were of really high quality and formed the basis for several publications.

Harald Stenmark (University of Oslo, Norway) - Europe

Working with Hybrigenics staff is more like having a collaborator than a service provider…staff is very knowledgeable and highly responsive..their expertise and novel methodology gives high hit reliability.

Bhuminder Singh (Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA) - North America

Hybrigenics yeast two-hybrid screening is unparalleled in terms of completeness and quality of service. Moreover, their services are a tremendous value, as we could not set it up in our lab for even half the cost. Their screens of two of our baits have helped land one grant and will be the backbone for another.

Scott Hiebert (Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA) - North America

Hybrigenic’s two-hybrid service is really quite impressive, and their people are a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend them. And, it doesn’t matter how little you pay your post docs, you can’t beat their price.

Mike Schopperle (Harvard Medical School, USA) - North America

I used Hybrigenics Y2H services to identify new protein-protein interactions using our protein of interest as a bait against their human placenta library. The results of the screening were very satisfying. They contained a detailed analysis of each hit and an estimation of their level of confidence which was helpful. Most of the putative interactors were found more than once suggesting that the screening was performed thoroughly. Importantly, one of the hits really fitted with our previous observations and, once validated, helped to delineate the mechanism of action that we had been struggling to find out. Thus, the screening results were very valuable to us and ultimately led to a publication in Science Signaling. The people at Hybrigenics were really helpful and efficient and I was extremely pleased with their performance. Hybrigenics provides a high quality service and I would strongly recommend it to other scientists.

Susana Llanos (National Cancer Research Centre, Spain) - Europe

Cell Biology

My laboratory carried out several two-hybrid screens, using a human placenta library. We designed the baits, and all of them but one gave great results, that were (and are being) validated as physiologically relevant by in vitro binding assay and co-IP assays. So, we trust very much all the results obtained in these Y2H screens. The service is fast and efficient, and the results are communicated in a clear manner. I enthusiastically recommend the services of Hybrigenics to any researcher wishing to discover novel interactors for their protein(s) of interest.

Sandra Citi (University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland) - Europe

My group has ordered two Y2H screens from Hybrigenics and we have been very happy with the excellent service they provide. Both screens have identified a significant number of novel interacting proteins which we have been able to biochemically validate. The staff at Hybrigenics are friendly, knowledgeable and always very helpful. I would highly recommend Hybrigenics to other labs.

Andrew Peden ( University of Sheffield (CMIAD), Sheffield, United Kingdom) - Europe

We employed the expertise of Hybrigenics following recommendation from a colleague. We were impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of this service, and the fact realistic timelines were given. Hybrigenics offered a comprehensive service that had an easy starting point for us, without the need for lengthy cloning steps. By out-sourcing to Hybrigenics we were able to focus on other experiments in our lab, rather than spending time trying to set up this technique for ourselves – which would have taken much longer and been rather challenging, for a small lab. The Y2H screen was successful in that several interactors were identified from a screen against a mouse cDNA library. We have subsequently selected some of these for further experiments, including verifying the interactions by co-immunoprecipitation. The data generated by Hybrigenics were included in a poster presented at an international meeting in London - Cilia in Development and Disease – and our attendance at the meeting was in fact sponsored by Hybrigenics! It’s been a pleasure working with them and I would strongly recommend them to others. It’s a worthwhile investment that helps increase the speed of progress!

Jenny Murdoch (Royal Holloway University of London, London, United Kingdom) - Europe

We successfully carried out a Y2H screen with Hybrigenics. We obtained excellent advice on designing our bait and choosing the best library for our studies. A large number of candidate interacting proteins were rapidly uncovered and the results were easy to analyze with the excellent bioinformatics report prepared by our personalized contact at Hyrigenics. This screen led to at least three publications including a recent one in PNAS. Given their excellent service and their professionalism, I will not hesitate to use Hybrigenics again to continue discovering new protein-protein interactions.

Jean-Francois Cote (IRCM, Montréal, Canada) - North America

My laboratory carried out several screens with Hybrigenics in order to identify the partners of Rab GTPases, key regulators of intracellular traffic in eukaryotic cells. The results have been impressive and have led to several publications, including two recently in Nature Cell Biology (Miserey-Lenkei et al, 2010; Dambournet et al., 2011). In addition to the high quality of the work, I find the prey fragment analysis that Hybrigenics provides for each screen very helpful. Of note, the Hybrigenics staff is not only competent, but friendly and can be contacted at any time for advice and assistance.

Bruno Goud (Institut Curie, Paris, France) - Europe
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