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Kalanchoe laxiflora ULTImate library available for screening

Paris, France - August

We just released a new Kalanchoe laxiflora cDNA library prepared from the leaves.

Contact us for more information about this library or to launch a screen.

If you are working with another organism, feel free to have a look at our list of libraries. We have more than 80 highly complex libraries available, made from various species and validated by stringent quality controls.

We keep constructing new libraries to meet the needs of the research community. We value your feedback so please let us know what you want in our contact form or on Twitter with the hashtag #HGXlibraries.

Read the success story of ULTImate YChemH

Paris, France - August

In June 2010, Hybrigenics Services and Charnwood Molecular Ltd got in the European Program Eurostars, a joint program between EUREKA and the European Commission, specifically dedicated to support innovative SMEs in their R&D projects.

Thanks to this funding, our 15 years experience in the Yeast Two-Hybrid technology and Charnwood Molecular expertise in chemistry, we were able to bring the Chemical Yeast Three-Hybrid (CY3H) to its fullest potential.

Read the success story of this partnership which allowed us to develop ULTImate YChemH, a comprehensive service which provides the scientific community with an alternative to the chemical proteomics approaches for the identification of small molecule targets.

Our fully optimized technology offers key advantages:

> it is unbiased as we test the putative interaction of a given molecule with all the proteins expressed from a cDNA library

> it is highly sensitive as it uses a transcriptional read-out

> No protein purification is required

> it is an in vivo technique conducted in an eucaryotic yeast cell. The molecule doesn't have to be linked to a support and can interact in a cellular context

ULTImate YChemH helps life science companies to assess new candidate molecules as future drug products. It allows to decipher the mechanism of action of the positive effects and any potentially undesirable side-effects. This technology can also help to find potential new applications of marketed drugs.

Our compound profiling service comes with scientific assistance in both biology and chemistry and with fully analyzed results. Contact us now, our experts are available to discuss your target identification project.


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