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Parasitology: read in PLoS One an article by Hybrigenics' customer about T.brucei spliceosome

Paris, France - March 26

The splicing factor SF3a60 is currently the only annotated SF3a component in Trypanosoma. To further characterize this essential complex in Trypanosoma,  the Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Chagas’ Disease formerly headed by the regretted Dr Mariano Levin searched for the protein partners of SF3a60. They used a combination of ULTImate Y2H screening and tandem affinity purification coupled to mass spectrometry that gave both overlapping and complementary results. The Y2H screen was conducted on Hybrigenics highly complex Trypanosoma brucei genomic library.

Homologs of the two other human subunits of the SF3a complex, SF3a66 and SF3a120, were among the identified partners. Other interactants found in the Y2H screen include the two genes encoding the RNA polymerase II largest subunit RPB1, suggesting additional SF3a functions in replication. The delineation of the minimal interacting domain on those Y2H partners revealed conserved binding motifs.

This work was published online in PLoS One in March 2014 (see the article “Proteins Associated with SF3a60 in T. bruceihere).

Etienne Formstecher and Marie-Edith Gourdel will be in Bale

Bale, Switzerland - March 24-26

Etienne Formstecher, CEO, and Marie-Edith Gourdel, director of chemistry, will be in Bale - Switzerland from March 24th to 26th.

Feel free to contact us here to arrange a visit with them in your lab and discuss your project.

Meet us at the Vanderbilt University Research Supplier Expo

Nashville, TN, USA - 05 March



Meet us at the Vanderbilt University 5th annual Research Supplier Expo and find out about the latest technological innovations.

This event will take place on March 5th in Nashville, Tennessee.

Valérie Hindié, Scientific Project Leader, and Brent Passer, Director of Business Development, will be representing us for this occasion and they will be glad to meet you to discuss your project or to answer your questions about Hybrigenics Services.

Feel free to contact us here to arrange a meeting with them, right away.





Tomato infected roots ULTImate Library available for screening

Paris, France - March 04

We just released a new cDNA library from tomato infected roots.

Feel free to Contact us for more information on how the cDNA was synthesized or  to launch a screening project on this new library.

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