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Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2015

Paris, France - December 18

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2015

A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network

Paris, France - December 17

Dozens of laboratories from USA, Canada, Belgium and Spain led by Dr Marc Vidal’s lab from Harvard Medical School in Boston published an update of the human binary map.

The map has now reached 14,000 interactions tested which is about 30% larger than what was done in the last few decades.

This last few years, the study of the human genotype flourished and genes and alleles have been identified for numerous disorders. But even if it is possible to identify the mutations, it is often hard to know how these mutations can perturb the genes and their products and lead to the development of the disease. To better understand these mechanisms, it is necessary to know how the mutations affect the interactome networks and to map thoroughly macromolecular interactions such as protein-protein interactions (PPIs) on a large scale and without bias. This map tries to "connect the dots of the genomic revolution".

Read the article published in Cell on November 20th, 2014.



The Yeast two-hybrid assay: still finding connections after 25 years

Paris, France - December 1

Drs Marc Vidal and Stanley Fields published in the December's issue of Nature Methods a tribute to the Yeast Two Hybrid assay at the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

The article profiles the yeast two hybrid technique and its different applications, especially for the study of the interactome and the characterization of the proteome.

The authors also point out how the technique is still a sure value for molecular and cell biologists today.

"[...] among all highly reliable interactions published by the scientific community, upwards of three quarters are supported by at least one yeast two-hybrid experiment." they said.

The Yeast Two Hybrid has evolved and matured through the years and today we can overcome its former limitations.

Nature December cover

At Hybrigenics, we made it our mission to do so and to bring this technique to its full potential.

* False positives are no longer an issue as they are flagged thanks to a scoring system comparing results with our database of over 8,000 screens.

* False negatives are limited thanks to Hybrigenics mating protocol to screen exhaustively highly complex domain libraries, ensuring that different regions of all expressed proteins are tested for their interaction with the bait.

* Specific post-translational modifications absent in yeast can be introduced by modifying the yeast strain. See our ULTImate Y2H+1 offer.

* Nuclear targetting is not a prerequisite as specific protocols can be used for membrane proteins. Learn more on MBmate Y2H.

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Paris, France - December 1

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