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Human Macrophage ULTImate library now available for screening

Paris, France - February 1

A new higly complex cDNA library has just been built from human macrophages and is available for ULTImate screening.

The cDNA was synthesized from polyA+ RNA of both 7-day and 14-day macrophages (M-CSF treatment of monocytes).

Hybrigenics Services celebrated the launch of its new service for drug discovery & development: ULTImate YChemH

Paris - January 24

On January 24th, Hybrigenics Services celebrated the launch of its new service ULTImate YChemH.

Sylvain Blanc from Charnwood Molecular attended the event and Professor Kai Johnsson from EPFL gave a seminar on the use of the yeast three-hybrid technology for target identification in drug discovery and development.

Hybrigenics Services celebrated the launch of its new service for drug discovery & development: ULTImate YChemH

Photo: Cyril Bruneau

Hybrigenics Services sponsor the "Get together" event at the MPI of Biochemistry in Martinsried

Martinsried, Germany - January 31

Hybrigenics Services is proud to sponsor the "Get together" event that will take place at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried on January 31st.

This event will gather around 200 PhD students and postdocs from the MPI of Biochemistry and Neurobiology, to promote communication and scientific exchanges between the different departments.

Meet us at the XVIth VER MIDI meeting

Lyon, France - January 25

Hybrigenics Services is happy to sponsor the XVIth VER MIDI meeting that will take place at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 Campus de la Doua on January 25th.

Marcela Nuñez will attend this event and will be happy to meet you to discuss your projects.
You can arrange meeting with her before the event here.

Hybrigenics Services announce the launch of its new service: ULTImate YChemH

Paris-France - January 24

Hybrigenics Services announces the launch of its new service: ULTImate YChemH, an in-yeast compound profiling service to identify the protein targets of a small molecule.

ULTImate YChemH is the result of a 2-year collaboration between Hybrigenics Services and british company Charnwood Molecular (, initiated with EUREKA Eurostars Programme in 2010. 

This new service, based on the yeast 3-hybrid technology, allows for in-vivo detection of protein-ligand interactions. It tackles crucial issues in drug discovery and development such as target identification, off-target side effects and toxicity or drug repositionning.

ULTImate YChemH benefits from Hybrigenics’ proprietary cell to cell mating protocol, highly complex libraries and bioinformatics data analysis already offered with ULTImate Y2HTM , and from an expert assistance in chemistry.

Contact our team of experts for a discussion on your project!

Read our Press Release here.


Cell Biology/Metabolism: Publication from Hybrigenics' Customer at GlaxoSmithKline in PLoS One

Paris, France - January 18

Dr Roberto Solari and his lab at GlaxoSmithKline (Stevenage, UK) published the results of an ULTImate Yeast Two-Hybrid screen of SIRT6, a Sirtuin family histone deacetylase, conducted by Hybrigenics Services on its proprietary Human Leucocytes and Activated Mononuclear Cells library.

This work was published online in PLoS One of December 2012 (see the article “Identification of Novel Interacting Partners of Sirtuin6” here).

This publication describes the discovery of 3 new partners of SIRT6, linking this protein to DNA repair through its interaction with TDG (Thymine DNA Glycosylase) and PIAS1 (Protein Inhibitor of Activated STAT1) and to cell cycle regulation and chromatin remodeling via a splice variant of TSPYL2. These interactions could be reproduced and illustrated with 1-by-1 Y2H experiments performed by Hybrigenics too.

Happy 2013 !

Paris, France - January 2

Hybrigenics Services teams wish you a lot of happiness and success for the New Year, with exciting new research projects !

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