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 Drug Discovery and Development Process


Let's try ULTImate YChemH, our drug target identification service, and optimize the success rate of your drug development program.

We developed a compound profiling technique adapted from the Yeast Two-Hybrid technology to identify the protein partners of a given bioactive small molecule.

Screening your molecule with the highly complex cDNA library of your choice, we identify your hit' targets to help you:

> Decipher mechanisms of action (drug deconvolution)
> Study off-target effects
> Optimize the chemistry of your molecule (lead optimization)
> Support drug repositioning in new therapeutic areas
> Evaluate safety of chemicals (toxico-proteomics)

We provide you with a complete solution including the design of the project, the molecule derivatization, the screening and the delivery of fully analysed results thanks to our unique bioinformatics platform.

For more explanations, send us your questions or give us a call. Our experts are at your disposal.

Don't waste money on the wrong candidate. Save time and money on your drug discovery & development programs!